Nature’s Oak Wellness Center emphasizes the mind-body connection for ultimate mental health.  In addition to PSYCHOTHERAPY/COUNSELING, we offer YOGA, MESSAGE, AROMA THERAPY, PERSONAL TRAINING, MINDFULNESS, and NUTRITION. Combined services offer the opportunity for you to achieve optimal mind-body  health outcomes. All of our practitioners hold Certificates in their special discipline or are  Registered and Licensed in the State of Florida.

Our holistic, individualized plan supports a whole body approach to psychological wellness, physical wellness and mental health disorders, utilizing multiple disciplines of care including psychological and nutritional sciences.  Our program educates, coaches and counsels clients about how to maintain or regain mental and/or physical wellness through the use of individualized  comprehensive care plan. The care plan  may include metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, and dietary interventions, psychological methods, massage, coaching, support groups, Yoga, as well as additional ancillary services.  All our services are research-supported methods.

These methods may be used in conjunction with traditional medical approaches. We will collaborate with external providers, as needed, to offer optimal care.

Our program has 2 primary goals. First, we want to help people maintain and improve health so they can experience ultimate living for life. Secondly, we want to help people recover from mental health problems while learning that whole body care is required for optimal psychological health.

Relevant laboratory analysis may be recommended to evaluate and treat underlying biomedical issues which are contributing to psychological difficulties. They may include analysis of nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, infections, toxicities, and genetic disorders. By focusing on an individual’s unique genetic, biochemical, and nutritional status, customized treatment plans can be implemented to provide better wellness outcomes than traditional psychiatric care alone.