Sonja's Oil Solutions

Meet Sonja Additon, RN, BSN


 I am a registered nurse turned “natural.” Essential Oils are not new, they have been used for centuries.  Most of our modern medications have origins in the chemical constituents found in plants.  In their natural forms, our body absorb these components in a synergistic fashion, but what we have done with pharmaceuticals is create synthetic replicas of nature.  I have learned a lot in becoming a registered nurse, but also noted that many of the medications and treatments cause adverse reactions which were not very pleasant.  I have also found that not all oils are the same quality, most are perfume grade only which explains the varied responses experienced.  Over the last 3 years, I have initiated alternative methods of treatment for both my clients and myself and THEY WORK!!  I originally began my essential oil journey in search of relief of my pain and discomfort.  Like most nurses, I have a lot of muscle/joint aches and disc damage.  When you combine this with a few rear-end collisions,  I had problems.  I tried everything with no relief, until I found essential oils!  Since then, I have been on an amazing journey finding so many other natural health aides for patients and myself such as focus, anxiety/stress, sleep, energy, and many more!  I also use E.O.'s  to make my own cleaning products and even cooking

I think you would enjoy one of my DIY classes or seminars to learn how powerful these oils are an how they can help you! If you prefer a private consultation this is also available.  Please contact me: to set up an appointment.