Tampa Breastfeeding Center

Our Philosophy

We are thrilled to offer our lactation services to the Tampa Bay area. 

We have extensive academic and practical experiences with identifying and developing care plans for a multitude of issues that impact the breastfeeding relationship such as:

  • weight gain concerns
  •  identifying tongue and lip ties
  •  induce lactation for adoptive mothers
  • breastfeeding after breast surgeries

Whether you need assistance at the start of your journey  or anywhere else along the way, 

we are here to help you realize  your needs.  We welcome you into our cozy  office location at Nature's Oak Wellness Center, or the comfort of your home. 

For more information see our services page:

Please contact us if you are experiencing financial hardship.

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Tampa Breastfeeding Center

Partnered with Sweet Song Breasting Feeding, LLC

Amy Hammant, IBCLC

Mary Unangst, IBCLC

Trish Hanning, IBCLC

Registered, Board Certified & Insured

Please call: 813-892-8990