LifeStyle Coaching

Why do you need a Coach?

Having a Life Coach will help you find your direction and hold you accountable as you move towards your goals with confidence.  You will feel better about yourself and free to accomplish what is best for you. 

With Dr. Susan you will have a coach who is non-judgmental and has your well-being at the top of her agenda.  She will help you identify your strengths, become your private advocate, and move you towards your desired outcomes.

Dr. Susan is an expert Mindfulness Coach in :

  •     Relationships
  •     Stress/Anxiety
  •     Holistic Living
  •     Life Balance
  •     Living with Vitality
  •     School Success

An additional benefit of coaching is that you can schedule your appointments  any where from 15 minutes to 1 hour, in or out of her office, depending on your needs, and once your plan of action is established and road blocks are identified and being addressed.


Rarely will you find a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH who is also a STATE LICENSED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.  The benefit to you is that when emotional barriers are blocking you from meeting your goals, Dr. Susan has the therapeutic tools to release you from the binds of fear, shame, low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression that interferes with being able to meet your goals.


She is warm, caring and possesses the life experiences that allow her to help people at all stages of life.  She is unique in that she holds a PhD and can draw from the holistic perspective for ULTIMATE fulfillment.

7 Reasons to Use a Life Coach

1. You feel stuck and want to feel free

2. You want to find your goals 

3. You want to feel motivated

4. You keep repeating the same thing with out results

5. You don't want to feel bogged down by life anymore 

6. You want to find your strengths and build on them

7. You want to find your purpose in life and let it drive and energize you