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Who Are We?


Nature's Oak Wellness Center provides traditional counseling and holistic mental health services in a nurturing environment. We have a unique atmosphere that soothes the soul, grounds emotions, and promotes over-all health and vitality for ULTIMATE emotional and relationship  health.    


Dr Posada founded Nature's Oak with the intention of taking the stigma out of mental health and says, "We all have mental health issues at times because we all have a human brain".  She believes  the holistic movement provides   a path to Ultimate Mental Health by attending to the mind-body -spirit connection, which Dr Posada honors in her counseling sessions. 


 We provide collaborative care with our diverse group of  professionals who will support you in meeting your goals.   We want to attend to all aspects of health to improve your well-being that leads to a fulfilling life and ultimate satisfaction.

Psychological Counseling

Couples Counseling


 Couples counseling can help you have a more fulfilling, loving relationship based on the foundation of a trust and respect. If you are in a committed relationship it is never too soon to seek help. Unfortunately, many people find counseling as a last resort to making their relationship work when they may have prevented much agony and pain had they sought help sooner.

Family Counseling


 Families seek counseling to resolve conflict and enrich their relationships with their children, spouse, siblings and parents. Family counseling allows for everyone to have a voice in the family so they can play a part in improving communication and promote close, rich relationships.

Individual Counseling


  Dr. Posada helps clients achieve their goals by taking a non-pathological perspective and views clients problems in the context of their lives and relationships. As a team, she and her clients collaborate  to break problematic patterns of behavior, develop new coping strategies, increase self confidence, address life style issues and improve relationships.  

Postpartum Counseling


Counseling with a postpaartum  thaerapy specialist helps women when they  are faced with many challenges as they adapt to changes associated with having a new baby. The joys of having a baby are often experienced as more difficult than most women anticipate. Bringing a baby into the family is naturally stressful. Unfortunately, many women blame themselves for struggling to adjust and are embarrassed tell others what they are emotionally experiencing which leads to isola.tion. Counseling helps adjusting to speed up.and new Moms's mood improve.




Integrative Psychology


Functional Nutrician Supports mental health

Functional Nutrition


Rehabilitative Massage helps mental health.......

Rehabilitative Massage

Healing Oils


Natural Alternatives for Health 



Beginners Yoga

Walk and Talk therapy

Walk and Talk therapy:
Offered by our therapists who see clients at our Center. The movement of walk

Infant Feeding


 Maternal, Child health and infant feeding specialists.


Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of  where we are and what we’re doing.

Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present, aware of  where we are and what we’re doing.



Mindful Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

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We have seminares, groups and workshops by all our practitioners to educate on the benefits of mind-body health.

We also have a meetup group called  Holistic Hangout's. You will find many of our groups and activities listed.


Ages 10-14 Summer Program


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Nature's Oak Wellness Center

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