"Dr. Posada is a wonderful, compassionate therapist.  I accomplished an amazing amount of healing in our 5 sessions.  She helped me to get at the root cause of why I felt “stuck” and unable to move forward with my life.  The A.R.T. technique provided resolution to emotional pains that have haunted me my entire life. Completing the A.R.T. session was wonderful and has led to a profound shift in how I experience life.  It’s like I transitioned from being a pessimist to an optimist. 

I truly feel lighter and happier than I can ever recall.  Best yet, I have learned to laugh again.  The amazing thing is this isn’t the only technique she has to use.  She helped me with a meditation like therapy that taught me how to successfully handle negative emotions without being overwhelmed.  I now feel ready to move forward with my life and have the motivation to accomplish my plan. 

I highly recommend Dr. Susan Posada and absolutely love the Nature's Oak Wellness Center that she opened." Mary Lee