Integrative Psychology


We promote Integrative Mental Health which incorporates traditional and holistic methods to health. Realizing that Optimal emotional health must include living life with the awareness and attention to over-all health, we provide a Natural setting for people to connect, learn how to find internal resources and the many ways that  nature can be used to improve health. We believe that we are taught to look out side of ourselves to feel better when the answers are right with-in us. We  need to learn how to see, tap into, and use what we already have. Dr Posada  integrates a mind, body, spiritual, social approach to mental health, couple and family problems, such as Anxiety, Depression, Alcohal abuse, Bi-Polar disorder, Post-traumatic Stress disorder and any stress related problems, utilizing multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences when necessary.  

Clients regain mental wellness through the use of an individualized, comprehensive plan. That plan  may include seeing our functional Nutricionist for metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary interventions, life style changes, Meditation, Rehabilitave message, Medicinal gardening, Yoga,  Essential oils, Hypnosis, Mindfulness and Qigong (

Combing these methods with psychotherapy lead to ULTIMATE emotional health!

Dr. Posada's mission is to improve the treatment of mental health problems utilizing this expanded model of care, prompted her to  hand pick like minded practitioners from a variety of disciplines  .  

Relevant laboratory analysis may be recommended to evaluate and treat underlying biomedical issues which may include nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, infections, toxicities, and genetic disorders. By focusing on an individual's unique genetic, biochemical, and nutritional status, customized treatment plans can be implemented to provide better wellness outcomes.

All of our practitioners have advanced education in the medical, educational,  mental health fields. In addition, everyone has

years of professional experience using the traditional medical model. "We have all realized that although the medical model plays a significant role for healing, it leaves a huge gap in prevention and using natural healing powers that we all have with in us and around us in nature, for prolonged health and happiness."

 This is not a new concept, just a concept that most of us were not raised with in Modern Culture.

Dr Posada will help You to get to the root of barriers that interfere with living a fullfiling , satisfying life while integrating all aspects of the mind- body. She Collaborates with her team, as well as outside practitioners when necessary, to provide complete integrative care for Mental Health.

OITS Program: The Optimal Intensive Therapy Program (OITS) was created for people who are ambitious about feeling better, thus willing to make the steps necessary for ultimate, quality of life. Feel better, live longer, look better. Enfoy life and invest  in yourself for a richer future!